About Us – Professional Dog Trainers

MeAndLadyIn 2004 after I retired from competitive cycling I needed something to do instead of riding 30 or 40 miles a day training. Since I have been a dog lover my whole life I decided to get a couple dogs and start the training process needed to compete in Agility. I found a breeder and bought two Cairn Terrier littermates, Devlin and Riley. These guys were seven weeks old so I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me to reach my goals. The first thing I did was to housebreak and crate train my two puppies. Then I found a dog trainer named Jenny Baum who taught group classes and private lessons. I decided to take her Puppy Kindergarten class to help socialize my dogs and teach them some house manners. I liked Jenny’s balanced approach to training so I continued mine and my dogs education with Basic and Intermediate Obedience. After Devlin and Riley were pretty good at Obedience we started Agility training. A year after starting to train we did our first competition. Just after one season both Riley and Devlin were titled in Novice Agility.

StarmarkGraduateThroughout the training process of becoming a Professional Dog Trainer I learned how to train my dogs in both Obedience, Home Manners and Agility. After Devlin and Riley retired from competition I decided to become a dog trainer myself. I attended Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers to make my training skills official. Starmark Academy is a twelve week, full immersion school. For three months we ate, breathed, and slept dogs.  Starmark Academy teaches a balanced approach to dog training which results in a more obedient and reliable dog.

My goal is to help people with their dogs, both young and not so young to live full happy lives. This is achieved through a good training program with Professional Dog Trainers. Expert K9 Academy has the focused classes and exercises to quickly get you and your companion on the road to success.

A happy dog is a trained dog. A happy owner has a trained dog.