Intermediate Obedience Private


Intermediate Obedience* is a 6 week extension of Basic Obedience where you and your dog tighten up previously learned behaviors. Distance and distractions will be increased so your dog can perform behaviors in a busier environment and a few new skills will be learned. You will incorporate the clicker that was conditioned in the Basic Obedience class.


Product Description

In this 6 week class you and your dog will learn:

Heeling – You will turn loose leash walking into walking by your side.

Door etiquette with distractions – Your dog will sit until you allow him to pass through the door even with heavy distractions.

Sit with implied stay – A sit command with more distractions and more distance from you.

Down with implied stay – A down command with more distractions and more distance from you.

Place bed with implied stay – Your dog will stay on ‘place’ a longer period of time with more distractions.

Outdoor Recalls – Teach your dog to come to you where it is needed most…outside.

Greet friendly stranger with dog – Your dog will behave while you chat with another person, even if they have a dog.

Additional Information

What to bring

Dog Health Certificate (including up to date vaccinations)
6′ slip leash
Small soft treats that your dog loves (we recommend hot dogs or bil-jac dog food)
Treat pouch to keep your clothes from getting stained

Orientation Day

Please do not bring your dogs to the first class. This is orientation and is people only.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Time Slot

9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm


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