Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience is a continuation of Basic Obedience where you and your dog expand on previously learned behaviors and add new behaviors. Distance and distractions will be increased so your dog can perform those behaviors in busier environments.  You will also continue to train and incorporate the clicker that was conditioned in the Basic Obedience class for enhanced command response.

In this class you and your dog will learn:

Place – Send your dog to the place bed

Heeling – Be more precise with your heeling, including left, right, and about turns

Heeling with auto sit – When you stop during a heel your dog will automatically sit

Outdoor 30’ recall – Build on the recall

Close – Command your dog into the sitting position on your heeling side.

Recall with Finish – Your dog will sit on your heeling side when he is recalled

Puppy Pushups – Sit Down Sit Down Sit Down Sit Down

Sit in Motion – Your dog will sit while you are walking

Down in Motion – Your dog will down while you are walking

Front – Your dog will sit precisely in front of you

Pivot – Your dog will move his back legs to do an about turn


Board and Train – Learn More

  • 2 weeks: $1250
  • 3 weeks: $1750
  • 4 weeks: $2250

Private Package Cost: $350 (6 lesson package)
A la carte Session Cost: $75
Evaluation: Free
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card

What to bring to class 

    • 6′ slip leash
    • Clicker
    • Place Bed
    • 30′ Long Leash
    • Small soft treats that your dog loves (we recommend hot dogs or bil-jac dog food)
    • Treat pouch to keep your clothes from getting stained
    • Up to date shot records

* Prerequisite – Basic Obedience