Basic Obedience

LogoNoNameBasic Obedience is the foundation of all the future training you and your dog will do together.  It’s the beginning of a happy, healthy life for you and your dog. It’s also the key to assessing and solving most behavior problems through the establishment of key owner/dog communication.

In this 6 week class you and your dog will learn:

Name Recognition – Every dog should know his name. This becomes very important when there is a multi-dog household.

Loose Leash Walking – Teach your dog how to properly take a walk without pulling.

Sit with implied stay – Sit your dog and have them stay until you free them.

Down with implied stay – Down your dog and have them stay until you free them.

Place bed with implied stay – ‘Place’ is a great tool to use when you want to keep your dog in his spot.

Recalls – One of the most important commands your dog can know. Come when you call him.

Door Etiquette – Your dog will wait for you to go through the door first.

Clicker conditioning – The beginning steps to get your dog ready for the clicker.


Private Package Cost: $350 (6 lesson package)
Per Session Cost: $75 per hour
Evaluation: Free
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Card

What to bring to class 

  • 6′ slip leash
  • Clicker
  • Place Bed
  • 30′ Long Leash
  • Small soft treats that your dog loves (we recommend hot dogs or bil-jac dog food)
  • Treat pouch to keep your clothes from getting stained