Clicks and Tricks

Our 4 week Clicks and Tricks class helps you teach your dog new tricks. It is a stimulating class for both dog and owner. Teaching a dog new tricks is always fun and it builds confidence in your dog. You will be learning how to use the clicker to teach tricks with Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist, Cris Calhoun. In just a few classes your dog will be wowing the crowds.

Here are some benefits of Clicks and Tricks:
  • Learning to use the clicker will help in all other training
  • Clicker tricks build confidence in your dog
  • Each learning session is 60 minutes long
  • Learn 2 new tricks a week
  • Bring in a wish list of tricks
  • Supervised practice during class

Private Clicker Package Cost: $225 (4 lesson package)
A la carte Session Cost: $75 per hour
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card

Here is just an example of tricks you can learn:

Clicker Conditioning – To condition your dog to the clicker in order to use it as a learning tool.
Shake – You dog will shake your hand.
Spin and Turn – Your dog will ‘spin’ counterclockwise or ‘turn’ clockwise on command.
Sit Pretty – Your dog will sit on its haunches.
Dig – Teach your dog to dig on command.
Play Dead – Shoot your dog and watch him roll over dead.
Weave – Your dog will weave between your legs as you walk.
Figure 8 – Your dog will do Figure 8’s between your legs as you stand still.
Spread ‘Em – Dog will put his front paws up on the wall so you can frisk him.
Roll Over – Well, he will roll over on command.

What to bring to class
  • 6′ slip leash
  • Clicker
  • Small soft treats that your dog loves
  • Treat pouch to keep your clothes from getting stained
  • Up to date shot records